A Sad Day and Exciting Day

A sad day and exciting day. Today we make the announcement that the BRE Software retail store will be transferred to new ownership, Legends Comics & Games! You may have heard of them, they run the two largest comic book and collectible stores in the valley! (Currently located in the Fashion Fair and Sierra Vista mall) Don’t worry, the store will still offer the same or better selection of video games we’ve offered since 1991. They plan to expand further into the market and create a hotspot for gamers and collectors in the Valley!

Your gift card balances will be honored by the new owners until June 30 2020, feel free to use those at your convenience before then.

Thank you for your business over the past 27 years, we’ve enjoyed meeting gamers from across the valley as well as out of state gamers that stopped by on their way through town. We really enjoyed putting on tournaments over the years beginning with the Nintendo Olympics event before the store opened.

Don’t think of this as “Game Over” for us, we’ll still be offering video game products and services to our wholesale customers around the country. We’re just pushing the “Reset” button on the store and turning it over to the next generation of gamers!

We had a live Q&A covering the transition to Legends Comics and Games:

Be sure to follow their page for store and video game updates from this point on!

And give them a call at 559-438-4263.